Everyone can have a WDYTYA story !

wdytyaAmazingly, the 13th Series of Who Do You Think You Are ? on BBC TV starts in September with stars like Sir Ian McKellen and Sophie Raworth investigating their family past.  But it’s not just the Celebs who have amazing back stories worthy of prime time TV. You may be surprised to learn that almost certainly, you will have one or more ancestors who merit inclusion in such a show due to their notable life story.  For example you had 8 great-grandparents and 16 great-great-grandparents. Even if many of them had mundane backgrounds with little of note happening in their lives , it’s extremely likely that one or more of these 24 ancestors have a colourful story worth re-telling to your own family if not more widely.  This could perhaps be related to travel, migration, job, poverty, wealth, war, friends or personal recognition and results will depend on the type of records that we can find them recorded in.  I’d love to help in discovering this for you.

Get in touch via the Contact Us form with known details of your ancestors if you’d like to see whether there may be a compelling story to be uncovered. I’ll provide free of charge advice on the most promising ancestral lines which would merit further research and an honest assessment of the chances of success, bearing in mind the likelihood of finding suitable records. You can then decide if you’d like to take it further.