Prices for Genealogical Research

COVID-19 Lockdown Update

Many archives are still operating in a more limited way than before the COVID-19 lockdown. Consequently, it may take some time to organise particular archive visits. However please get in touch and I can advise regarding the latest situation.

Family History Research Rate :  £27 per hour

This rate includes any research that we may need to carry out in Edinburgh (such as the National Records of Scotland) or local archive centres in the South of Scotland (in Hawick and Dumfries) Expenses may be payable for required visits to archives elsewhere. I will normally provide you with a written report on my findings, and, if appropriate, copies of records accessed.

If you require a family tree to be constructed, then I can do this for you with Family Historian software. This provides many options for layout, colour and information included for each individual.

House History

Customised Histories offered in Roxburghshire, Selkirkshire and Berwickshire for houses, hotels and farms. Please contact us for more details.

Gift Vouchers

In order to obtain a Relatively Scottish gift voucher redeemable for any of our services for a period of 12 months just make a payment of £50 via Paypal below , adding ‘Gift Voucher’ in the text box. We’ll send you a personalised e-mail gift voucher by the next working day.

Payment Terms

Upfront payment of £54 is due for any research commissioned (to cover 2 hours research) Any balance will be invoiced later by e-mail. Payments may be made by Paypal.  Sterling transactions can also be made via direct bank transfer. You can use the PayPal ‘Buy Now’ button below to make a £54 initial payment securely.Just include your name when you make the payment.

Your name :

Alternatively, sterling cheques may be made out and sent to

Andrew Armstrong
9 Bowmont Court
Scottish Borders