Dumfriesshire Hearth Tax Records

Dumfriesshire Hearth Tax Lists 1690-1692

The Hearth Tax was authorised by the Scottish Parliament in 1690, to help pay for the armies fighting against the Jacobites. Fourteen shillings Scots was to be paid for every hearth in the kingdom, except for those of the poor. The ‘poor’ were identified by a testimonial from the kirk.

Dumfriesshire is one of the counties for which no detailed hearth tax returns are available on Scotlandsplaces.gov.uk. However the information has been preserved and exists within the Gifts & Deposits collection within the National Records of Scotland.

These records are transcriptions from the archives of the Leslie family held at the National Records of Scotland reference GD26/7/375. These were first published in the Transactions of the Dumfries and Galloway Natural History and Antiquarian Society volume XLVII (1970) , XLVIII (1971) and XLIX (1972) by the late Duncan Adamson.

List of householders with one or more hearth in Dumfriesshire 1690-1692 organised by parish . Excludes those deemed to be poor.