Scottish Borders

Eildons from The Three Brethren
The Eildon Hills, known as Trimontium to the Romans, are part of the iconic Borders landscape

Relatively Scottish is based in the heart of the Scottish Borders in the town of Kelso.  I specialise in two areas of genealogy which are endemic to the Borders

  • The family history of the tenants of the landed estates such as Buccleuch and Lothian. These have covered vast swathes of the Borders for over 400 years. Documented farm rentals over that whole period are a valuable resource for family historians. 
  • The families of the Border Reivers in the years after the end of the reiving years in the early 17th century. Many from the Scottish West March and Middle March fled to the Ulster plantation to escape justice. But many stayed on and made a life for themselves in the new middle shires.

I am always delighted to take on any research related to either of these two special interests. And it should be noted that the two subjects  are inextricably linked.  The Duke of Buccleuch is directly descended from Walter Scott of Buccleuch, an infamous Scottish reiver of the late 16th century.  And the Marquis of Lothian is descended from notable reivers the Kerrs of Ferniehurst. By changing sides at just the right time these families were able to curry favour with King James VI and I and benefitted hugely from the grant of titles and lands during his reign.