Rental – Canonbie/Debateable Lands 1630

These were transcribed from the Buccleuch Muniments held at the National Records of Scotland GD224/943/6. In a few cases I was unable to read the rental book and I have indicated these with …

Almost all of Canonbie parish was part of the estate of the Earl of Buccleuch in 1630. This list is of the named tenants of the farms. Most of the surnames are the same reiving names which dominated the area in the 16th century. There are lots of Armstrongs with a smattering of Bells, Beatties, Irvings and Grahams.

Property Tenant Rent (£ Scots)
Morton and the Mylne Bloughe of Sark 70
Nether and Over Bograes John Maweris 80
Barngliesh Thomas Johnston 170
Glenzier – the Becknowes and garden George Armstrong of Blouche 200
Glenzierhead Cristie of the Beck & James Irving 90
Chapelhill Jean Armstrong 24
Thornieholme Archibald & William Armstrong
Tomshielburn Gavin Tagart 96
Torbeckhill Simon Armstrong callit bangie 40
Tarcoon & Leyes Alexander Armstrong 110
Auchenrivock, Montrealling, Hagg with Carre William Armstrong of Kinmont              130
Nitieholme Andro Lytle 24
Enthorn Archibald Bell 40
Broadrelling & T John Beattie 40
Whytknow Andrew Irving 32
Blackbackhead & Blackbackside Archibald Armstrong 40
Nether Glenzier Robert Pringle 72
Bowholme John Armstrong 95
Grystail John Bell 95
Over Woodhouselees William Wilson & Thomas Waugh 200
Nether Woodhouselees Robert Cavert 124
Todhillwood Simon Waugh 90
Bulmansknow John Armstrong & Andrew Irving 60
Hollows [blank]
Archerbeck, Airnlee and Andrewsknow Agnes Armstrong 72
Lymiecleugh Thomas Ellott officer in the service of god 96
Halliwell, Windiehill and Byreburnside Thomas and Fergus Graham 140
Rowanburn Robert Pringle 56
Nether Barrascroft Arthur Armstrong 30
Over Barrascroft William Bennet webster 30
Outer Woodhead Robert and William Baittie and Ninian Armstrong 100
Inner Woodhead John Graham 45
Nether Todhillwood John Armstrong of Dykra 180
Broomiknow & Greneburnsyde Andro Taylor & John Armstrong 153
Mumbiehirst & Glencartholm Francis Armstrong of Kinmont 180
Tarrasfoot William Armstrong 98
Raegill and Howgill John Armstrong 52
Perterburn the goodman of Hardin 48
Over Howgillsyde James Armstrong 24
Bruntshielbog & Albierigg J.. of Crutt… 220
Mylneburnhead William Scott 50
Bankhead Cristie Armstrong 56
Whitlawsyde & gardensyde Ninian Armstrong 82
Over Todhillwood George Graham 40
Hairlaw William Armstrong 12
Nether mylne and garden Lancie Armstrong of Whithaugh 75
Nether Hagg Richard Armstrong 80
Harelawhill Richard Armstrong 35
Harelaw Garden Richard Armstrong
Nether Cruikholm Edward Armstrong 34
Hairlaw… John Armstrong 92
Holmefoot of Hairlaw John Scott 27
Claycleugh Thomas Scott
Nether Claycleughsyde & Harelaw milne Hob Cavert 100
Over Milnsteads and Grains James Nuttall 180

Canonbie Farm Names as at 1815