Rental – Barony of Drumlanrig 1794-95

transcribed from the private Buccleuch archives held at Drumlanrig Castle. (Note this rental is NOT part of the Buccleuch Muniments held at the National Records of Scotland in Edinburgh.

The Queensberry Estate includes a large part of Northern Dumfriesshire owned by the Duke of Buccleuch. This list is of the named tenants of the farms of the Barony of Drumlanrig which is just a part of the overall estate. This list also includes all the houses within the planned village of Thornhill.

1CoshogleAdam Corson
2ThirstoneThomas Kennedy & William Currie
3ArdochJames Corson
4Kirkbride, Cottaks, Enterkinfoot & MillJohn Menzies
5Over Dalpeddar & MannockmilnJames Dalgleish
6Mid DalpeddarAdam Wightman
7Nether DalpeddarThomas Brown
8AuchinsowJames Hislop & Thomas Grierson
9GlenimJohn Thomson
10Auchingruith & CastlegilmourJohn & John Thomsons
11Over DalveenJohn Forsyth
12Nether DalveenJohn Harper
13ChappellJames Lorimer
14CollinnieJohn Copland
15Sourland & MuiriehillThomas Kennedy
16Gateslack and MurraysAdam Brown
17InglestoneWilliam Lorimer
18HaplandMartin Middleton & Walter Smith
19part of Durrisdeertown & part of ViccarlandWilliam Rae
20Crairieknow & GilshankCaptain John Hamilton
21Breckonside and part of MarrJames Harper
22Scrogiehill and part of MarrGeorge Corson
23AuchinskeochWilliam Smith
24Cleughhead & WoodendWilliam Milligan
25MyersWilliam and Charles Dalyell
26Holehouse & High NewtonJohn Hislop
27Mill of Druidel and part of MilntownJames Stitt
28FardingbankJohn Kirk & James Hislop
29MalcolmflatSamuel Hunter
30Know head and HumbieThomas Corson & Thomas Hislop
31CrairieWilliam Hunter
32 Mains of Drumlanrig and ColdstreamJohn Macmurdo
33Mains of CastlehillThomas Edgar
34Mill of DurrisdeerDavid Kerr
35MuircleughThomas Johnstone and John & Thomas Johnstone his sons
36CottonhouseWilliam Kerr
37Cloich and StainbutThomas Hunter
38Nether AltonWilliam Milligan
39AuchinsellWilliam Kennedy
40DrumcruiltonJames Kennedy, John Kennedy, John Kers and John Waugh
41WhitecampJames Williamson & John Grieve
42Kirkhope and Merton MainsJohn & George Welsh
43BallagganJohn & David Haining
44Viccarland (6 acres) The Revd. Mr Williamson
45Enoch Parks with BranrigJohn Harkness
46Little Park at DrumcruilgateWilliam Campbell
47Enoch FishingJohn McMurdo
48Enoch WaulkmillAlexander Lorimer
49CarronfootJames Hunter
50part of Kirklands of DurrisdeerWilliam Rae
51East MortonThomas Dalyell, Robert Gracie, John Brown and Francis Kennedy
52Drumcork, Longmyre and DabtonJohn Lorimer, Mr David Ewart, Mr Yorstoun
53SaughtWilliam Stewart
54 Carronhill, Broomrig and DrumshinnochRobert Corson, Michaerl Hunter, John Brown, James McChain and John Hunter
55Part of Carronhil and Broomrig with MortonmillRobert McKinly and Adam Laidlaw
56Thornhill and ToftsheadWilliam Harestanes, John Wallace and John Kellock,
John Black and John Shankieland,
John Kerr, William Hunter and Thomas Nivieson
Janet Gall
James Howatson
James Mounsey
Thomas Boyes
Andrew Waugh & Alexander Stewart
Mrs Barbour
Alexander Kirkpatrick
John Pattison & George Kellock
James Douglas, Archibald Shankland, John Paterson
John McMorine
Thomas Shaw
Miss Douglas
Widow Lookup
Joseph McCaig
John Edgar
Thomas Jamieson
William Nivens
Richard Boyes
George McBrain
Mrs Wilson
Alexander Kirkpatrick
John Shankland
Margaret Lookup & Ferguson
John Heaton
Alexander Nivieson
William Shankland
57Thornhill HousesAgnes Marshall
John McCrae
Catharine Watson
Janet White
Robert Boe
Joseph McCaig
Alexander Kirkpatrick
James Mounsey
Jane Hairstanes
Thomas Boyes
John Kelloch
Thomas Edgar
John Paterson
Widow Lookup
Samuel McMorrine
John Kellock Labr.
William Niven
Katharine Kelloch
James Walker
George McBrair
Isobel Lorimer
John Wallace
John Hairstanes
Janet Gall
John Edgar
Mrs Wilson
Thomas Hunter
John |Kelloch
Robert Kennedy
William Hunter
John Lorimer
John Black Labr.
Archibald Gall
John Kerr shoemaker
James Barbour
James Hewetson & James Paterson
Archibald Shankland
Alexander Nivieson
John Kelloch Labr.
James Douglas
John McMorrine
John Kelloch
Thomas Jamieson
John Maxwell
John Halliday
John Haining
Andrew Thomson now James Blackwood
James Paterson
Robert Pattison
Thomas Kerr
John Hewetson
A.Dalrymple now William McChain
John Vicar
Robert Ferguson
John Paterson
Janet Kerr
Robert McCaig
Gavin Wilson
Joseph Stevenson
John McCaig
Elizabeth Hutchieson
Robert Charters
Walter Black
Adam Sharp
John Howatson
Robert Hairstanes
James Hunter
William Kerr
John Brisbane
Ebenezer Porteous
Archibald Gall
Archibald Gall
Thomas Douglas
John Howatson & Lister
Thomas Gracie
58Mortonmains, Gallowflat, Morton Castle and Hallgillnone
59Whitefauld, Bush and BurnThomas Nivison, McCauchie and Barrie
60Morton Mill MulturesRobert Wallace, William Denholm and William McDowall
61Kirkland of MortonMr Yorstoun
62MortonmuirRobert Edgar
63Houses in ThornhillJohn Kerr & James Hoatson
64Mortonholm & CoultRobert Wallace
65Boathouse YardThomas and William Fingland
66LocherbenWilliam Hoatson
67Over & Nether MitchellslacksWilliam Harkness
68 Branrigsee no. 45
69Over KnockenshangGeorge Pattie
70Nether KnockenshangJames Pattie & Thomas Gillespie
71Gubhill & DrumfadzeanJohn Gillespie
72CorseburnJohn & James Milligan
73GarrochJames Marchbanks
74GlenmadeMr Terasin
75Templand and GatesideAlexander Stewart
76SclateylandDavid and John Jardine
77Rosehill and LongcroftMr Andrew Yorstoun and William Mathieson
78BirkhillJohn Henderson
79GlencorseJames and Adam Hotson
80Auchinbainzie, Glenfeuchoch, Glenhappenoch and DalgonarJames Hoatson
81AuchingassellJames Milligan
82HolmGeorge Hoatson and William Dalzell
83Over Auchinknaight with Chanlockfoot, Chanlockhead, Shinnelhead and MidshinnellSir James Kirkpatrick, John Brown and William Kennedy
84Glengar, Whitehill and LadywellJohn Hoatson
85Druidelknow, Merkland and ChapplelandJames Dalyell
86GlenscobenJames Black
87Woodendsee no 24
88GlenwhargenGeorge Williamson
89Chanlockfootsee no.83
90Dalzean and part of HalscarSamuel Hislop & James Hamilton
91Glenmanno, Welltrees and part of CraigbuieJames Stodart
92HalscarRobert & John Hislop
93Polgown and part of CraigbuieJohn Murray
94Polskeoch and Polvaddoch with Burnfoot and Barmuir, Glengap, and Nether ConnelbussRobert Whigham and James and James Dalgliesh
95Townhead of AuchinbainzieJohn Grierson
96Shinnellheadsee no 83
97DunduffWilliam Hamilton & Samuel Lorimer
98Chanlockheadsee no 83
99ArklandRobert Russell
100Tibbers Mill, Nether Bagrahill, MollochfordJames Hunter
101Over and Nether TibbersWilliam Martin
102AuchinbreckSamuel Williamson
103Midshinnellsee no 83
104Over CraigencoonRobert & James Hunter
105Nether Craigencoon and PenzarieWalter Hunter and James McTurk
106CorsardineThomas Hunter
107BennanWilliam Hislop
108Porterstown and part of BeuchanJohn Edgar
109Buss, Poundland and Over PenfillanJohn Welsh
110A Pendicle of PenfillanMr James Wallace
111PenmurtieRobert Hairstanes
112 BeuchanSir James Kirkpatrick and Joseph Rogers
113ByreflatJohn Robson
114Over Barndannoch, Clinston and Nether BarndannochSir James Kirkpatrick
115FardingjamesMathew Wood
116Allanton MillJoseph Kirkpatrick’s Widow
117Nether Braco and Upper BracoRobert Anderson
118Kirkbride and HillendJames Cowan and William Jardine
119MilltownMr James Wilson
120Craigturra and ChappellWilliam Kennedy
121Cloanrae and Doon with CraigneeRobert Dalyell
122CamlingWilliam and Alexander Rae
123LaightRobert Douglas
124AirdhillJohn Hunter
124aFord and AirdJames Goldie
125AuchingibbertRobert Wilson
126CraigneeRobert Dalzell
127CunningholmSir James Kirkpatrick
128KirkbogThomas Stewart
129Blawplain and part of Kirkbog and DunnigallWilliam Gilchrist
130OverholmJohn & John Jardine
131Dunnigallsee no 129
132Chappell and Drumshangannone
133Kenmure and MillRobert Anderson