Rental – Liddesdale 1630

transcribed from the Buccleuch Muniments held at the National Records of Scotland GD224/943/6. In a few cases I was unable to read the rental book and I have indicated these with …

Most of the farm properties within Liddesdale were part of the estate of the Earl of Buccleuch in 1630. This list is of the named tenants of the farms. Note the preponderance of reiver surnames so dominant in the 16th century – mainly Ellott and Armstrong with some Crosers (Crozier) as well. Because surnames were so dominant in these areas it often wasn’t necessary to include them e.g. The Shaws below is deep in the heart of Elliot territory and so ‘William of the Shaws’ below would have been William Elliot  (note that the name was always spelled without the ‘i’ in 1630)

Property Tenant
Both sydes of Flyght Jon Glendinning & Walter Dickson
Twislope William Scott of Hardin
Falsyde & Pringlehollis William Ellot called of the Bank
Hardin & Hardinbank John Murray, merchant
Howdowne Robert Pringle
Byreholme Mr Walter Scott
Mylneholme O. Syde David Condie & Cristie Patreson
The Greens Jon and Ninian of the Greens
The Pousholme William Armstrong of the Pous
Cocklaw… Robert of the Mylne
Quhytehaugh William Armstrong
Cruickbank and Mains Robert Ellott of Banks
Gingland walls Gilbert Tailfer
Gorrumberrie Gilbert Tailfer
Pouterlampet David Armstrong
Quhytead Elizabeth Armstrong
Nether Hardin David Armstrong and William of the Mylne
The Shaws William of the Shaws
part of Newlands William of the Shaws
Mylnehous Archie Hall
The Over Closs John Scott, baillie
Byresteids Gavin Ellott
Bowholmes John Croser
Mylneburnholme John Croser
Baggett John Ellott
Kirndean George Armstrong
Reidmoss & Over Whisgills John Nickson
Crytishill & Tinnisburn Hob Wilson
Tailzour and Cleughsyde John Ellott
Foulshiels The bishop of Caithnes & Mr Walter Scott
Ingreswallis & Oversteill Francis Baitie
Nether Steill, Padeden and Robisland Francis Baitie
Netherraw Archie the guyde
The Nolshaw Gavin Ellott
Tofts & Toftholme Quentin Croser
Armetage Robert Ellott
Copeshaw James Scott
Blaikburne Walter Gledstaines
Holhoussydcroft William Ellott & James Henderson
Todcleughside James Henderson
Cushale Francis Baitie
The Leys, Burnfoot & Saughetrees Gilbert Ellott
The Redheugh William Haire & Thomas Armstrong of Holme
Larriston Simon of the Benks (=Ellott)
Nether Whisgills Robert Rackas (=Armstrong)
Braidlie The widow and George Scott
Kilgirth Symon Armstrong
Overraw Archbald Ellott
Clintwood James of the Park
Yethous Archbald Tailzour
The halfe of Mangerton Cristofer Thomsone
The other halfe of Mangerton William Blackhead and William Armstrong
East side of Dead Water Adam rakas
Woolhope Alex Armstrong of Kinmont
Stirkshiel & Leidhope Gilbert Ellott
Mylneburne & Flaskatt John Scott, baillie
Kershopefoot & the mylne Lancie Armstrong of Whithaugh
Dykra Clemie Croser
The Park Agnes Ellott

Liddesdale Farm Names as at 1815