Scots Emigrants

RELATIVELY SCOTTISH FREE SERVICE :  Making the connection to Scotland

If you know or suspect that your ancestor emigrated from Scotland but have been unable to trace back any further then perhaps I may be able to help you. I can carry out a preliminary search in Scotland to assess the probability of success in being able to make a positive link to records of ancestors within Scotland.

You should supply as much information as possible – e.g. names of an individual or family group, dates, occupation, any passenger list information etc.

In some cases it may well be possible to make a connection to Scotland. I will use my knowledge of the locality of surnames, the historical pattern of migration, occupation etc which can all help to narrow down the search within Scotland. Other variables include the very existence of vital records – this is always a lottery for anything earlier than the mid-19th century as parish records were sometimes quite patchy. So there is definitely an element of luck in being able to make the connection.  I will however provide an honest assessment of your chances of success based on my 20 years as a Scottish genealogist.

A short report will provide my opinion on the prospects of being successful in making a positive link with Scots ancestors, and, if appropriate, recommendations for follow-up research and a cost estimate for this work on a no obligation basis.  In order to take advantage of this FREE service, please send all relevant information by e-mail to